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Membership Benefits Offered By Our Christian HealthShare Ministry

Membership Benefits Offered By Our Christian HealthShare Ministry


People of faith deserve high-quality and affordable healthcare services. Yet in recent years, healthcare coverage has become increasingly corrupt and riddled with services that people of faith are forced to pay for, contrary to their consciences and religious values. Many families have begun seeking alternatives to the overpriced and conscience-compromising practices of the modern health insurance marketplace.

Chris Faddis, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Solidarity HealthShare, recognized the gaping hole in high-quality, affordable, and ethical health insurance when his wife Angela began her eventually fatal battle with cancer. Finding potentially helpful yet costly treatments that weren’t covered by insurance, Chris launched a support page asking for donations to help save his wife’s life. Within hours, Chris’ community had raised thousands of dollars. An idea was born.

Solidarity HealthShare, co-founded by Chris Faddis, fills a void in modern healthcare by offering high-quality, ethical and affordable Healthcare Services. Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect when joining Solidarity:

Benefit 1: Solidarity HealthShare believes that healthcare coverage should never come at the expense of personal conscience. Solidarity HealthShare is exempt from the taxes and freed from the unethical mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Unlike traditional health insurance companies, Solidarity HealthShare follows the moral guidelines of the Catholic church and thus does not cover morally objectionable “treatments” or expenses violating Catholic moral teaching, such as abortion, hormonal birth control, contraceptives or gender re-assignment surgery. Instead, they believe in life-affirming care that focuses on the mind, body and soul of Members.

Benefit 2: Solidarity HealthShare believes in keeping healthcare costs low. Solidarity advocates on behalf of Members and negotiate medical expenses by reviewing and evaluating medical bills to ensure Members aren’t being charged unfairly or unjustly. Healthcare costs are rising every year by as much as 20%, yet Solidarity works to combat these rising prices on behalf of Members and can lower Medicare costs by 20-30% compared to what a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) typically charges. Their efforts to reduce costs for Members successfully reduced Members’ bills by 63% from their original invoiced amount in 2020. Additionally, Solidarity reconciled healthcare bills that were on average nearly 400% higher than what Medicare allows for payment. Solidarity also offers the “Solidarity Care Card” to help members save on dental and vision services.

Benefit 3: Solidarity HealthShare offers telehealth services for non-emergency illnesses and general care. Through this easy-to-use telemedicine solution, Members have direct access to state-licensed and credentialed doctors via phone or video consultations to receive treatment and advice for common ailments.

Benefit 4: Solidarity HealthShare’s Solidarity ONE program offers members a comprehensive sharing in prescription medications. Solidarity HealthShare is the first health sharing ministry to do so. Prescriptions are a fully shareable expense for Solidarity ONE Members, even for preexisting conditions and maintenance. In 2021, Solidarity also partnered with Drexi to lower prescription prices and increase price transparency for Members. Members are now able to access prescriptions that are 70-80% cheaper than average industry prices. Moreover, Drexi’s Drug Search allows Solidarity Members to compare medication prices across the 65,000 pharmacies in Drexi’s system.

Benefit 5: Solidarity HealthShare doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine and healthcare. Solidarity has no “network” so Members are able to see the medical provider they choose.


Benefit 6: Solidarity HealthShare believes that mental health is essential to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the wide range of expenses that Solidarity covers, they are proud to share in Mental Health expenses for office visits, treatment, medication, emergency hospitalization for mental health needs, and up to 20 visits per membership year for psychiatric or psychological counseling.


Benefit 7: One of the most valuable assets of Solidarity HealthShare is that they believe firmly in supporting one another and providing Members with a faith-based community that is on their side. Solidarity’s sharing program helps community Members to share the health care needs of other Members, including a wide range of expenses such as wellness visits, prescriptions, ambulance/emergency room visits, hospital/surgical visits, fertility and NFP treatment, mental healthcare, maternity care, hospice or home health care, and more.

People were designed to help one another, to live in community with one another and step in when their fellow men and women are suffering. Chris’ experience raising money to help pay his wife’s medical bills opened his eyes to the potential for a HealthSharing ministry that benefited the common good. In the loving and supportive response to his wife’s condition, Chris envisioned a future of healthcare based on community, of loving and sharing and giving to one another. Solidarity HealthShare fulfills that vision and focuses on the whole person – mind, body and soul. If you think Solidarity HealthShare is right for you, join Solidarity HealthShare today!