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Why Ministry Health Matters To Your Family

Healthcare sharing for family

If your family has made the choice to commit to a life of service we believe that finding affordable ministry health and care for your family should stay within reach. Which is one of the many reasons we started our healthshare organization. We seek to provide you with more opportunities to continually live out the values we share as a faith-based community.

Ministry Health Supports Your Faith-Based Health Choices 

The overall value of maternity care and family planning have shifted significantly in the last 10 years within the United States of America. This shift has lead to many feeling like they cannot morally contribute to standard insurance solutions on the market. Many familys of faith were left searching for healthcare solutions that don’t simultaneously support procedures they don’t believe in. Thus the Solidarity standards were born! 

We offer affordable and ethical solutions in ministry health to support your family values while protecting you from contributing to things that don’t align with your beliefs. We’re providing a more transparent way of support, while being here in prayer with your family each step of the way. 

Ministry Health Protects Your Family 

When your family is protected, you are able to experience new levels of peace and freedom as you budget. The heart behind this model is to give your family the ability to serve freely with the support of our healthshare organization working alongside you. The good news is that our ministry health isn’t just supporting your family when you need us most (through sharing your healthcare costs), we’re also here to pray with your family as you experience times of added stress and vulnerability caused by health scares. 

When you become a member of Solidarity Healthshare you become a part of something bigger than medical bill sharing, you’re part of our community and we look after one another with empathy and in faith. 

Ministry Health Helps You Plan For The Future 

Unforseen healthcare needs inevitable arise. As much as you can plan for emergencies, at the end of the day they are still called emergencies for a reason. That’s when our ministry health solutions step in to support. Gone are the days of worrying about how to plan ahead, because Solidarity Healthshare can be the support you’re looking for. Not only are our membership share amounts lower than the majority of insurance providers on the market, we are also here when you need to request a bill share to aid in making ends meet. 

With more money back in your budget, you can plan with prayer-led freedom to decide what’s best for your family as you continue your service to the Kingdom. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions, and please review our FAQ page for a detailed overview of how our healthshare organization works.