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A Guide to Sharing Prescriptions with Solidarity ONE

prescription sharing

Prescription Sharing with Solidarity ONE

Members of Solidarity HealthShare reap the benefits of low healthcare costs without paying for ethically objectionable procedures that violate their consciences. Many families are also pleased to learn that prescription drugs are fully eligible for sharing with Solidarity. Prescriptions are an important part of our medical system, and it is very important to have access to the medications that your family needs. This is the reason that we have consistently expanded prescription sharing for our Members. For a long time, we were only able to share short-term medications, but that is no longer the case.

Solidarity ONE Members have access to Drexi Pharmacy Sharing for generic prescription medications. These drugs are priced based on our current formulary and co-share schedules and are eligible for sharing long-term, not limited to 90 days as they used to be. This program helps our Members save an average of 77% off of the typical prices for medications, allowing your sharing dollars to go even further in helping your community!

At the Pharmacy Counter

As with any other healthcare visit, you can simply present your Solidarity Member ID card at the pharmacy to access generic prescriptions. Make sure that you look up a provider that works with Drexi in your Member Care Portal. You can do so by navigating to the “My Pharmacy” option on the left side, and then clicking on “Search by Drug Name”. This will help you find the most affordable pharmacy option near you.

Once you have identified a great pharmacy option, you can present the following information to take advantage of your Drexi Pharmacy program:

Rx Group:                  SHS001
Rx Bin:                       018448
Rx PCN:                     66202303
Rx Helpdesk:            844-728-3479

Here is a break-down of the retail medication costs you can expect with the Drexi Pharmacy program included with our Solidarity ONE program:

$0-$5 = 100% Member responsibility
$5-$25 = $5 co-share
$25-$50 = $10 co-share
$50-$100 = $20 co-share
$100-$200 = $50 co-share
$200-$1000 = 50% co-share

Accessing Wholesale Prescription Prices

In partnership with AMPS (Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions), we give Members access to wholesale prices for prescriptions. AMPS’ mission is to make your healthcare dollar go further. AMPS provides cost management solutions to self-insured healthcare Plans. Solidarity will share part of the cost of those drugs, and Members pay for the remainder of the reduced cost. Certain wholesale prescription medications may require approval by Solidarity HealthShare in order to be eligible for sharing. Of course, when Members send a prescription request to Solidarity prior to purchasing the drug, they can easily determine its eligibility.

As always, discounts are not available on medications that do not meet Solidarity’s ethical guidelines, such as contraceptives and abortifacients.

Spread the Word

Thank you for supporting our ministry! You can let a friend know about Solidarity with our Refer a Friend program. If they become a Member, we will send you a $100 gift card to thank you for spreading the word!

Join the Movement

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