A Simple Guide to
Health Care Sharing

What is Health Sharing

Health care sharing ministries provide a way to pay for health care costs that is different than traditional health insurance. 

As a member of a health sharing ministry, you pay a Monthly Share Amount. This monthly share is then used to pay for the health care needs of other members. When you have a health care need and if you have met your Annual Unshared Amount, other members will pay for your health care needs. 

Members also agree to a common set of beliefs that help determine which medical costs the community will share towards. With Solidarity HealthShare, guidelines on the medical expenses that members share towards are primarily guided by the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. These beliefs help define what is and is not eligible for sharing.

Receiving Medical Care with Solidarity in Three Easy Steps

While health sharing ministries are not insurance, the process of receiving medical care with Solidarity HealthShare is similar to what you are already familiar with.

Step 1:

You Contribute Your Monthly Share

Each month, your Monthly Share Amount is placed within a secure online account called a ShareBox. The amount you share each month depends upon whether you are single, a couple, or a family, your age, and at what level of sharing you would like to participate in. Each member’s ShareBox allows for the transfer of funds between members for approved health care needs.

Step 2:

You Receive Medical Care

When you receive medical care, whether at a doctor’s office, emergency room, or for any Eligible Shareable Medical Need, present your Solidarity HealthShare member ID card. Medical bills are then submitted directly to Solidarity HealthShare. If your provider does not participate in health share options, simply request a self-pay discount, pay your bill, and present your receipt to Solidarity HealthShare for processing.

Step 3:

Solidarity Processes Your Medical Bill

When Solidarity receives your medical bill, we negotiate with the medical provider to ensure the lowest possible cost for the care provided. If you have not reached your Annual Unshared Amount, then you are responsible for paying the bill. If you have reached your Annual Unshared Amount, Solidarity then uses funds from another member’s ShareBox to pay for your eligible medical expenses.

Shareable Medical Expenses

Below are a few medical expenses that are eligible for sharing for all members of Solidarity HealthShare. For more details please refer to the Sharing Guidelines.

Wellness Visits


Ambulance / Emergency Room

Hospital / Surgical Visits

Fertility / NFP

Mental Health Care

Maternity Care

Hospice / Home Health Care

What if I have a
Pre-Existing Condition?

Care for many pre-existing medical conditions is not initially shareable with Solidarity HealthShare, but is eligible for sharing after a period of time.

If you have a pre-existing condition that can be improved through lifestyle changes, Solidarity Well can help improve your health while reducing the risk of developing serious diseases.