A better plan for prescriptions, too.

Solidarity HealthShare is the first health sharing ministry to offer comprehensive sharing in prescription medications through our Solidarity ONE program.

From Amoxicillian to Zyloprim, Solidarity One Members have access to prescriptions from A to Z. For Solidarity ONE Members, prescriptions are a fully sharable expense, even for preexisting conditions and maintenance.

If you are a member of Legacy Premier, please refer to the Guidelines for complete information on prescription sharing.

How can Solidarity One offer this comprehensive program and still keep costs low?

Through Solidarity’s partnership with Drexi, Solidarity Members have access to their system of more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. Why Drexi? Drexi is a pharmacy solution that enables savings by transparent pricing and pass-thru savings on prescription medications. (aka, they skip the “markups and fees” part of prescription pricing.) And this means that they care about saving money as much as we do!

Access is simple too. You can check pricing and find a local pharmacy in your member center. Then, just show your Solidarity One member card to fill your prescription.

We believe this expanded service offering furthers our mission to provide our Members access to high-quality care at an affordable price. You can find complete details in the Guidelines.