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Member Stories: How Solidarity Helped the Hernon Family Pursue their Catholic Ministry

Solidarity helped the Hernons make the leap to their Catholic ministry

When Mike and Alicia Hernon first started their non-profit Catholic ministry The Messy Family Project, they needed to save every penny they could in order to make their plan work. They looked into many different avenues of securing their family’s healthcare, and found that Solidarity fit their needs and their values better than any other option.

“It made it possible to say I’m not leaving my family vulnerable to whatever health issues might come up, I have an organization that i believe in backing us and standing with our family.”

– Mike Hernon

Check out the Hernons’ experience with trusting their health to Solidarity as they trusted the Lord in their new Catholic Ministry below!

The Hernons share how Solidarity helped them trust in the Lord and follow the mission that he put on their hearts.

“It’s been great to say that I am not contributing into a system that I think is broken and has failed. I’m part of Solidarity, and we’re standing together. Business owners, ministry leaders, organizations and individuals who are saying there is a better way. A better way of providing healthcare, and a better way for us to provide for our families.”

– Mike Hernon

We love having the Hernon’s as Members of our Sharing Community, and are glad we could help them while they pursue the Lord’s work. When we come together as a community, we can effect real change in the landscape of healthcare in America. That is why it is more important than ever to support authentic, life-affirming healthcare, and the communities that provide their Members with access to that. Whether you have a Catholic ministry, run a small business, or are just looking for an ethical way to fund your family’s healthcare needs, Solidarity is there for you.

“We recommend Solidarity to all kinds of ministries and people that we come across, and living in Steubenville, we know a lot of people that have their own ministry, their own business, supporting their family. And we tell them about Solidarity because it’s like, it’s wrong to be held back from doing what God wants you to do because of your concerns about your family’s health.”

– Alicia Hernon

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Solidarity HealthShare is a non-profit healthcare sharing ministry rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Established in 2016, we operate on the Catholic principles of solidarity and subsidiarity, in accordance with the Church’s commitment to promoting life-affirming, ethical healthcare.

We strive to provide an ethical, community-driven alternative to traditional health insurance. Through direct Member-to-Member sharing, Members are able to access quality healthcare services while preserving their family’s financial, physical, and spiritual health, all at once. Members never need to worry about their healthcare dollars funding immoral medical procedures. We promote a holistic approach to healthcare, emphasizing the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

At the heart of our ministry’s mission to restore and rebuild an authentically Catholic healthcare culture in America is the recognition that every single person has inherent human dignity. We seek to promote healthcare that honors the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

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