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Frequently Asked Questions: Pricing Adjustment

Pricing Adjustment

Why is my Monthly Contribution Amount changing?  

  • As inflation continues to rise, healthcare costs have also seen a steep increase across the country. Solidarity’s Members are not immune to this increase. We have seen an increase not only in the dollars but the number of bills submitted by our Members. This is what led to the pricing adjustment.
  • Solidarity’s Suggested Monthly Contribution Amount as defined by our guidelines consists of the Monthly Share Amount, administrate fee, program service fee, and account service fee (VI).  
  • “The suggested Monthly Share Amount (and the admin and program service fees) is determined by majority vote of the Board of Directors and is based upon the amount of bills submitted by Members for Sharing and the number of Members.  Since the suggested Monthly Share Amount is not actuarially based, the amount is reviewed on a monthly basis and the suggested Monthly Share Amount may increase or decrease as determined by the Board of Directors. Notice of such change will be given to the Members in a timely manner.” (Solidarity HealthShare Sharing Guidelines, VI.2

Will this price increase go to overhead?  

  • No, the entirety of this price increase is going towards the Monthly Sharing Amount which is used for sharing in Member’s eligible medical expenses and will not be used for Admin or Program Services.  

What is the reason for the price adjustment?  

  • The pricing adjustment reflects the increase in healthcare costs for medical services being provided to Solidarity Members. The national economy has endured significantly higher prices including healthcare expenses. There has been nearly a 16% increase in overall costs since the start of 2021 , according to the Consumer Price Index. This has forced companies nationwide to raise their prices.  Healthcare spending has increased as well, passing $4.3 trillion to offset the effects of inflation.  

What will the pricing adjustment be? 

  • You can check what your updated Monthly Contribution Amount will be with our Pricing Calculator 

Is there any way I can pay less? 

  • There are a few ways to manage the cost of the program you have chosen. In 2021, Solidarity released graduated AUA levels to allow Members to pick the program that best fit their budget. This new program is called, Solidarity ONE and in addition to having more pricing options, this program also offers some added services, like prescription drug cost sharing.  
  • Legacy Premier Program Members – Some Members are still on the old version of our program, now called, Solidarity Legacy Premier. You will find that this program is more expensive than our Solidarity ONE program and you are welcome to switch to Solidarity ONE at any time. Please see the knowledge center article below to see how to make the switch to Solidarity ONE. 
  • SOLIDARITY ONE Program Members – Members are welcome to change to a higher Annual Unshared Amount once within their Membership year. See the knowledge center article below for more info on how to do this.  
  • Program Changes: 
  • Financial Assistance: Solidarity does have a limited financial assistance available for Members based on need. You may contact our Member Care team for more information. 

Learn More about the Pricing Adjustment

To read our announcement and more about the reasons for this pricing adjustment, please click here.