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Member Stories: Glenna & Kevin Klassen

Glenna and Kevin Share their Experience with Solidarity

Glenna and Kevin joined Solidarity HealthShare to support a community of like-minded individuals that you can help just as much as they help you. Little did they know that Glenna would be diagnosed with breast cancer soon after joining. The financial and spiritual support they experience from the Solidarity sharing community allowed them to get the treatments that they needed easily and very cost-effectively.

“Solidarity was there for us. Through the entire process, so, that was huge! Thousands and thousands of dollars were shared, that we had minimal expense out of our pocket.”

Check out how Solidarity worked for Glenna and Kevin!

Glenna and Kevin share their experience with Solidarity

“I think being a part of the community means a great deal. I mean, because, it kinda falls into that category that, you don’t just have to depend on yourself, but you have a whole vast array of people that are in the same boat with you, and you’re helping them as much as they’re helping you, from prayer to the financial piece of it.”

Glenna Klassen

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Solidarity HealthShare is a non-profit healthcare sharing ministry rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Established in 2016, we operate on the Catholic principles of solidarity and subsidiarity, in accordance with the Church’s commitment to promoting life-affirming, ethical healthcare.

We strive to provide an ethical, community-driven alternative to traditional health insurance. Through direct Member-to-Member sharing, Members are able to access quality healthcare services while preserving their family’s financial, physical, and spiritual health, all at once. Members never need to worry about their healthcare dollars funding immoral medical procedures. We promote a holistic approach to healthcare, emphasizing the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

At the heart of our ministry’s mission to restore and rebuild an authentically Catholic healthcare culture in America is the recognition that every single person has inherent human dignity. We seek to promote healthcare that honors the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

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