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New for Members: Genetic Testing for Mental Health and Cancer Treatment from Tempus

genetic testing for cancer and mental health treatments

Every patient is unique. Your treatment should be, too. That is why we have partnered with Tempus to provide genetic testing to Members! Their genetic testing helps you and your care team find therapies that are tailored to you. They have collaborated with thousands of physicians across the United States, performed testing for millions of patients, and now they’re here for you with their extensive testing options and passionate team of employees. Tempus is committed to supporting you through every step of the process.

Genetic Testing for Cancer Treatment

Tempus offers comprehensive genomic testing (DNA, RNA, etc). These next-generation sequencing tests can be performed to identify specific alterations that may drive the behavior of your cancer. This information may help your physician optimize a course of treatment based on your unique cancer.

Genomic results may include information that can guide therapy selection or other insights that may impact your cancer journey, including clinical trial opportunities. Tempus has made their tests available both in the United States and internationally.

Patient Story: Flora | Tempus

“Having Tempus in my fight for cancer… it’s incredible.”


What to Expect

Tempus’ broad-panel genomic tests are based on next generation sequencing (NGS) technology that allows them to identify alterations in your genetic material. Information on your unique genomic profile can help your physician select a course of treatment for you.

  1. Your physician orders testing to create a more personalized treatment plan for you.
  2. A blood or saliva sample collection will take place either at your doctor’s office or in the comfort of your own home (if you are not able to come into the clinic).
  3. Testing begins. Once Tempus receives your order form and samples, they do all the work to perform testing.
  4. Your physician will be in touch to review the results of testing and discuss next steps in your treatment process.
  5. Tempus will bill Solidarity directly for any testing performed, so you don’t need to worry about submitting billing yourself.

Genetic Testing for Mental Health Treatment

Tempus believes that mental healthcare should be personalized for each individual.

They share information with your provider that may assist them in personalizing your care through pharmacogenomics (or PGx). PGx informs your provider about how your body may respond to different medications, based on your genes. Tempus generates PGx results to give your provider information that may help guide their medication selection. Tempus nP can only be ordered by a licensed medical professional. They operate a CLIA/CAP certified lab, to ensure your results are generated appropriately and accurately.

Tempus works directly with you and your provider to obtain the necessary saliva sample and clinical information. A report with your results will be delivered to your provider, which can be used to inform the next steps on your mental health journey.

In addition to sharing information about how your genes may affect the way your body metabolizes medications, Tempus is on a mission to help advance mental healthcare. In other words, the patients of tomorrow may benefit from the information gained from your genes today.

What to Expect

If your healthcare provider orders a Tempus|nP test, you will provide a saliva sample for testing.

The sample can be collected in two ways: in the clinic with your provider, or at home if ordered by your provider. The test will take about 5-10 minutes to complete, from start to finish. Additionally, detailed instructions for the saliva collection are provided once your healthcare provider orders the test.

Then, once Tempus receives your sample, your provider will receive a report of your results in about 2 weeks.

This report will provide your healthcare provider with information about your genes and how they may influence your body’s metabolism of certain medications. This information may help your provider better manage your medications or treatment plan, creating a more personalized care plan for you.

What happens next?

All treatment decisions should be made by your treating provider, and should take into account your full clinical history. These results may help your provider make more informed decisions about choosing or managing your medication(s).

Learn More

If you have any questions about using Tempus with your Solidarity HealthShare Membership, you can contact Tempus to learn more. Also, our Member Care Team is able to assist with any questions.

Finally, if you have not joined our ministry yet, but are interested in getting comprehensive care that aligns with your values, all while being far more affordable than other options, start your application for Membership today!