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November 2018: A Letter from our Chief Operating Officer

Dear Friends and Fellow Members of Solidarity,

As we discussed in our last letter, we began bringing over operations from our third-party operations partner last spring. So, in the last seven months, we have grown from three employees to twenty-three! It is no small feat to build the infrastructure and team that it will take to support a fast-growing community such as ours. As with all things, however, our Lord continues to provide.

As the Solidarity team grows, we are also growing a culture inside the office. It’s a natural thing that occurs, but like many natural things, it is something we have to be intentional about, to cultivate. When we invite someone to work with Solidarity, we are up front about our faith and how it forms our mission. In the office, we try to maintain a high level of respect and support for our team, which, God willing, translates to our interactions with our members.

St. John Paul II, as was his great gift, helped us to understand our role in building culture not only in our homes and workplaces, but in society:

“The ‘people of life’ rejoices in being able to share its commitment with so many others. Thus may the ‘people for life’ constantly grow in number and may a new culture of love and solidarity develop for the true good of the whole of human society.  (Evangelium vitae 101)

“Solidarity,” as the Church understands it, means that we are to be people of life and for life, in whatever role God the Father places us. Here at Solidarity, this has many applications for our work, not least in our new Sharing Guidelines, which demonstrate not only their grounding in Sacred Scripture and the doctrine of the Catholic Church, but also how we, as people of life and for life can support one another in paying for health care costs. I encourage you to read these new Sharing Guidelines and let us know what you think of the new services that are eligible for sharing or anything else that strikes you. (For a tip sheet on changes to the Guidelines, click here.)

As always, we are grateful for your membership in this community, and for your prayers. Please join us in praying for your fellow members, and in sharing the word about Solidarity.

In Solidarity,

Chris Faddis

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, Member since July, 2016