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Price Transparency in Healthcare: Bipartisan Bill Passed By House of Representatives

There is a Desperate Need for Price Transparency in Healthcare

Have you ever been shocked at the amount that a hospital charged for a relatively routine procedure? This experience is all too common, even when you get an estimate of the charges ahead of time. Many hospitals are engaging in unfair price gouging at patients’ expense on a routine basis. Fortunately, congressional lawmakers are discussing a solution to this persistent problem faced by American patients: healthcare price transparency.

Just recently, the House voted to pass the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act (H.R. 5378) to “empower patients, providers, and payers by advancing price transparency throughout the biggest components of the health care sector.” 

If signed into law, the bill would codify price transparency rules for hospitals and insurance companies. Furthermore, it would expand requirements that clinical labs, imaging services and ambulatory surgical centers make their prices publicly available to patients. 

Patients deserve to know exactly how much their medications and treatments cost upfront, so that they can budget for medical expenses needed to maintain their health. Americans of all classes will benefit from this new Act, but especially those who are on a fixed income.

Why is Price Transparency Important?

When her doctor’s office was purchased by a larger hospital system, a senior citizen patient from Ohio named Kyunghee Lee saw her steroid injection costs skyrocket from $30 to $354.68. This was even though she continued to see the same doctor at the very same building as before. The Lower Costs, More Transparency Act would ensure that patients like Lee pay a fair and reasonable price for drug treatments, regardless of where they are administered.  

Solidarity HealthShare has a longstanding record of ensuring price transparency for our Members. In fact, our commitment to transparency is one of many reasons why Members can enjoy lower healthcare costs. Solidarity Members come together to support one another with funds and prayers in times of medical need. To provide transparency, Solidarity provides every Member who shares their dollars with a community Member-in-need so that they see exactly where those dollars go through in our online portal. 

Our healthcare ministry negotiates medical bills directly with providers on behalf of our Members. This allows us to ensure fair and reasonable prices for each treatment our Members receive. With Solidarity, families never have to wonder if or how they can afford their healthcare.

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