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Renowned Catholic Apologist Chooses Solidarity HealthShare for His Family

Popular Catholic radio show host and author Patrick Madrid chose Solidarity HealthShare for himself and his family after struggling under increasing premiums for their traditional insurance company. Though he was attracted by Solidarity’s commitment to Catholic principles and community-based model, Madrid says it was when he saw the monthly sharing amount that Solidarity families pay, “that alone was enough to get our attention.” He added, “It’s such a great opportunity for Catholics to be able to go in a direction where their Christian moral principles are respected and not deemed to be a violation. The financial benefit is always a good one, but just for the level of the soul and one’s integrity… that really impressed me a lot.”

Conscience is a major factor for the Madrid family, and for many others, when weighing their healthcare options. The ACA’s requirement that plans pay for contraception and sterilization was offensive to faithful Catholics and many other people of faith. But there are many other areas of medical ethics – from dealing with unborn children diagnosed with disabilities to facing issues of end-of-life care – that drive families to seek care that does not compromise conscience.