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Solidarity HealthShare Responds to the Section 1557 Amendment to the Affordable Care Act

Recently, the Biden Administration ruled to amend the nondiscrimination clause in Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act to re-interpret the definition of ‘sex’ to include ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’. The Section 1557 amendment will force insurers or physicians receiving federal financial assistance to cover or provide sex-reassignment surgeries and therapies on the grounds that refusal to do so would constitute discrimination based on sex.

Solidarity HealthShare’s commentary and analysis on the rule has been featured prominently in recent national news coverage of new government mandates and authority impacting faith-based healthcare providers. We continue to be recognized as a leading authority in not only the health sharing sector – but also regarding healthcare issues impacting people of all faiths. 

Members of Solidarity HealthShare can rest assured that our Christian healthcare ministry will not be affected by the Section 1557 Amendment as the change is targeted at health insurers and medical facilities that receive federal funding. Solidarity HealthShare will remain a refuge for those who do not wish to take part in morally and ethically compromising medical treatments.

Solidarity HealthShare President Chris Faddis sounded the alarm on the various issues this new rule will create for physicians and people of faith in the Fox News Article here: 

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