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Sharing for Emergency Room Care is Simple with Solidarity

Emergency Room Care with Solidarity HealthShare

Emergency Room Care is a Priority for Families

Many families who choose to opt out of traditional insurance in favor of healthcare sharing ministries do so because of the low cost and ethical principles that come with joining a community of likeminded Members. They can’t do so, however, without knowing that they will be supported in the case of an emergency. That is why Solidarity HealthShare is not only focused on ethical care. We are also focused on delivering high-quality, comprehensive healthcare to our Members. Sharing for emergency room care is a very high priority for us. If you or your children ever find yourself in need of emergency care, Solidarity has your wellbeing in mind. 

How Do I Submit My Emergency Room Visit?

Just as with any other office visit, when you arrive at the emergency room, present your Solidarity Member ID card. You might need to explain that you are a Member of a healthshare, and ask them to bill Solidarity directly. They can do so using the billing information on the back of your ID card. Let them know that Solidarity does not have a network, and accepts medical expenses from any provider. Once processed, they will be shared directly on your behalf. Most healthcare providers are willing to bill Solidarity directly once they understand how to do so. However, if your provider is still unwilling, you also have the backup option of submitting the bill yourself.

If the provider refuses to bill your healthshare directly, request that they send you a bill as a self-pay patient. Remember, in emergency situations it is illegal for providers to withhold treatment until payment has been made. So, do not pay for the visit up front. Instead, make sure they send you an itemized bill with medical coding on it. That will allow the bill to be processed and shared on your behalf.

Also, remember that our Member Care team is here to support you. Do not hesitate to call us at 844-313-4999 option 2 if you need help!

How Does Solidarity Share My Emergency Room Visit?

Once Solidarity receives your medical bill, we will negotiate with the medical provider to ensure fair and just cost for the care provided. You are responsible for your Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) each year. Once that is reached, the rest of the fair and just amount will be shared fully by the Membership. Solidarity then allocates contributed funds from other participating Members’ Monthly Contributions to pay the bill on your behalf. If you have not yet met the AUA, you will be responsible to pay the bill up to that amount. You will receive an Explanation of Sharing in the mail with the amount you are responsible to pay, if any.

Some additional eligibility considerations: 

  • Solidarity only considers emergency room treatments to be eligible for Sharing if the services provided are judged to be an emergency by “normal standards of medical care” and when a less costly treatment option was unavailable to the patient. 
  • The emergency room visits for stabilization purposes provided on an Outpatient basis at a Hospital, Clinic, or Urgent Care Facility are eligible for Sharing if it occurs within 23 hours of the corresponding emergency room visit.  
  • Every emergency hospital visit must be reported to Solidarity HealthShare within 48 hours of admission or on the next business day to be eligible for sharing. Solidarity will then review the visit retroactively to determine if it was medically necessary, appropriate, or for emergency services.  
  • If the Member is unable to notify Solidarity within 48 hours due to the severity of the illness or injury, a Provider or a party representing the Member should notify Solidarity as soon as possible. 
  • Costs of ambulance services by land or air transportation are shareable only if the patient is taken to the nearest medical facility providing medically necessary care.  

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Join the Movement

With this information in mind, you and your family can confidently access the emergency care you need through Solidarity HealthShare. For more information, or to become a Solidarity Member, click the banner below, and be sure to check out our FAQ page to learn more about how your family can access high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost!