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Sharing Report: February 2024

Below is Solidarity HealthShare’s sharing report for the month of February 2024. From February 1, 2024 to February 29, 2024 inclusive, Solidarity HealthShare received $7,791,410.70 in eligible medical needs on behalf of our Members, which was re-priced and shared at $2,533,557.33. This resulted in a 66% savings on medical bills for our Members.

sharing report

Sharing Report Breakdown

Total Amount Charged: $7,791,410.70 
This is the total dollar amount of the eligible medical needs received on behalf of our Members.

Repriced Savings: $5,144,371.25 (66%)
This is the amount by which the Total Amount Charged was reduced using our Reference Based Pricing model and negotiations with providers. The percentage is the percentage of the Total Amount Charged which was discounted.

Other Coverage: $113,482.12
This is the amount of submitted medical expenses that were paid by another source besides Solidarity HealthShare (i.e. bills covered by Medicare where Solidarity would be secondary).

Eligible Medical Expenses: $2,533,557.33
This is the total amount of medical needs that were Eligible for Sharing according to the Sharing Guidelines. Specifically, this is the Total Amount Charged minus Repriced Savings minus Other Coverage.

Annual Unshared Amount: $485,687.97
This is the total amount of the Eligible Medical Expenses that Members were responsible for out of pocket until they reached their Annual Unshared Amount according to the Sharing Guidelines.

Total Amount Shared: $2,047,869.36
This is the total amount of the Eligible Medical Expenses that were shared using Members’ Monthly Contributions. Specifically, this is the Eligible Medical Expenses minus Annual Unshared Amount.

Full and Complete Satisfaction
The sharing of the eligible medical bills includes Sharing Members’ Monthly Contributions (deposited in their individual Member owned accounts) and an Annual Unshared Amount paid directly by Members to medical providers, both together accepted as full and complete satisfaction of the Members’ medical bills. 

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This is an unaudited report of sharing numbers for the month of February 2024.