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2021 and 2022 audit

Solidarity HealthShare 2021 and 2022 Audited Financial Statements: Continued Commitment to Transparency and Financial Integrity

We at Solidarity HealthShare know how difficult it can be to find access to quality healthcare that respects patients’ religious or moral objections to ethically problematic procedures AND their desire for affordable care. We also recognize the equal importance of protecting patients’ financial resources. Solidarity was founded to provide families with peace of mind in each of these essential categories.

In keeping with our belief that quality healthcare should come at a reasonable and transparent cost, the Solidarity team is pleased to announce the completion of our annual financial reports, reviewed and audited by independent accountants for full transparency and accountability.

In 2021 and 2022, Solidarity’s financial statements were deemed “free from material misstatements, and without deficiencies in Solidarity’s internal operations” by an independent, certified public accounting firm, Jones Maresca & McElwaney, P.A. Their objective and positive review of our accounts is a testimony to our commitment to Christian financial stewardship and to the fact that our Members have generously shared tens of millions of dollars in healthcare expenses each year.

As a measure to protect the funds of the Members and to promote further transparency of Member-to-Member sharing, in 2020 the monthly share amount of the Members was deposited into separate bank accounts at an independent financial institution for each Member.  This allows better tracking and sharing of Member dollars.  Since the dollars for sharing of medical expenses are in the separate account of the Members, the overall sharing dollars are not reflected in the annual financial statements of Solidarity, so we have listed them below.  As always, Members can also see in real-time how their shared dollars help their fellow Solidarity community Members in need of assistance by logging into their Member Care Portal.

In 2021 and 2022, Solidarity Members:

  • Submitted $75,453,269 in eligible medical bills for sharing
  • Reduced those bills to $24,860,509 – a 66% reduction that saved Members over $50,000,000 in 2022

Since our inception, Solidarity has facilitated the voluntary sharing among Members of more than $120 million while satisfying more than $300 million in medical expenses. Although not required to do so, Solidarity goes above and beyond to file a 990 Form each year to ensure transparency for our Members. We have also worked to protect the conscience rights of our Members and promoted more transparent pricing in the healthcare marketplace.

To access Solidarity’s financial audit, please make a request using this form.

In the coming years, Solidarity plans to maintain its excellent track record of protecting patient health and delivering access to affordable and comprehensive care.

For more information about how you can join the Solidarity HealthShare community, please visit our website or give our team a call at 844-313-4999 option 1.