Solidarity HealthShare proudly announces that we are the first health sharing ministry to offer comprehensive sharing in prescription medications through our Solidarity ONE program.

Through Solidarity’s partnership with Drexi, all Solidarity Members will enjoy prescription medications at prices 70-80% less expensive than the industry average. We believe this expanded service offering furthers our mission to provide our Members access to high-quality care at an affordable price.


The partnership with Drexi allows Solidarity HealthShare Members to quickly access deeply discounted prescription medications from more than 65,000 pharmacies. Drexi is a pharmacy solution that enables savings by transparent pricing and pass-thru savings on prescription medications.

For Members on Solidarity ONE, prescriptions are now a fully sharable expense, even for preexisting conditions or maintenance.

For Members remaining on Legacy Premier, Drexi will provide them with access to deeply discounted medications through Drexi’s system of 65,000 pharmacies.

This collaborative effort provides Members with more and better options for obtaining prescriptions at a great price. Drexi prioritizes transparency and honesty and Solidarity Members will be able to quickly compare prices across a range of pharmacies using Drexi’s cutting-edge technology, which works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices. All Solidarity Members will receive an updated Solidarity card which will include Drexi information. Advantages of the new pharmacy program for Solidarity members:

  • Members can now obtain prescriptions that are 70-80% less expensive than industry average prices
  • Drexi provides Solidarity Members with access to Drexi’s system of more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. Members will simply present their updated Solidarity card at any pharmacy in Drexi’s system
  • Drexi’s Drug Search allows Solidarity Members to compare medication prices across pharmacies in Drexi’s system instantly
  • Solidarity Members will save even more because Drexi automatically offers generic alternatives

Partnering with Drexi provides Solidarity Members access to more prescription options at a lower cost. We are excited to extend this wonderful service to our faith-based community, reaffirming our commitment to our Members’ best interests. If you have questions, please call 844-313-4999 or email us.