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Statement from Chris Faddis and Brad Hahn, President and CEO of Solidarity HealthShare, in support of Authentic Healthcare on the occasion of the 51st Annual March for Life

statement in support of authentic healthcare

“The Biden administration has gone to great lengths to inject abortion activism into healthcare and weaken physicians’ ability to administer healing care, especially for mothers and children. Solidarity HealthShare fully supports comprehensive, life-affirming maternity care and ethical fertility treatments and believes that politics is no substitute for healthcare. The 2024 National March for Life is a crucial opportunity for Americans to remind our nation that the most vulnerable among us – the unborn and the courageous women that carry them – need our support. And this year’s theme “Pro-Life: With Every Woman, For Every Child” highlights our call to accompany expectant mothers, including those facing difficult circumstances, and ensure they have access to authentic healthcare.”

– Chris Faddis, president of Solidarity HealthShare and Brad Hahn, CEO of Solidarity HealthShare

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