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Arizona Abortion Law

Democratic Governor Signs a Bill to Repeal 1864 Arizona Abortion Law

Democrat Governor Signs Bill to Repeal Arizona Abortion Law

In April, the Arizona Supreme Court decided to uphold an 1864 Arizona abortion law that protects all unborn lives from the moment of conception, unless the mother’s life is in danger. However, shortly after the court’s ruling, state lawmakers narrowly voted to repeal that law and put unborn children at risk of abortion up until 15 weeks gestation.

On May 2nd, Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs signed the repeal bill into law. For the Pro-Life cause in my home stage, this is devastating news.

Science Tells Us the Unborn Need Protection

Science tells us that by just 6 weeks, children in the womb have a heartbeat of around 110 beats per minute that will beat about 54 million times until and birth and continue beating for the rest of his or her life after birth. By week 8, the child responds to touch. At the time which Arizona now forbids abortion (15 weeks), the child can feel pain, including the pain of abortion.

The Unborn deserve protection from the very moment of conception, not just after the point at which a child can feel pain. At Solidarity HealthShare, we understand the importance of life-affirming care for both mother and child at every stage of pregnancy. We consider it our utmost duty to provide our Members access to affordable healthcare from doctors who respect their consciences and respect for human life.

Join Our Movement and Oppose the Culture of Death

At Solidarity, patients and their families are never forced to pay for medical procedures, such as abortion, that violate their deeply held convictions that every life has dignity and worth. Likewise, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, sterilizations and other procedures that violate the ethical teachings of the Catholic Church are not eligible for sharing.

Now more than ever, Solidarity is fulfilling a need for life-affirming care in Arizona. For more information about our mission and services, please click the banner below.

Chris Faddis is president of Solidarity HealthShare, a healthcare sharing ministry guided by the moral teachings of the Catholic Church that negotiates directly with providers to ensure delivery of high-quality and affordable, life-affirming healthcare for the more than 46,000 Members it has served since 2016.