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Our Year in Review – Solidarity HealthShare’s 2023 by the Numbers

2023 by the Numbers – Our Year in Review

As we head into 2024, we’d like to take a look back our 2023 year in review.  Your decision to opt out of the immoral systems around us and support an integrated, Catholic approach to healthcare made it possible for us to serve our community and accomplish everything we did this year. We’ve put together some of our favorite statistics from the past year to show what an incredible impact you, the Members of Solidarity HealthShare, made in 2023! Check out our year in review below.

Your Contributions Made a Huge Difference

  • You shared a total of $23,991,719 in eligible medical expenses
  • $68,738,036 in total bill charges were discounted by 64% through our Reference Based Pricing method, for a total savings of $43,779,112
  • You paid $5,546,740 towards your Annual Unshared Amounts

Supporting Each Other Through Tough Times

2023 year in review
  • Your Monthly Contributions helped fund cancer treatments for 182 Members who had 2,272 bills submitted for their treatments
  • You funded care for 166 Members who experienced inpatient hospital stays in 2023
  • Members in need of emergency treatment were charged $2,514 on average for their visits, which was discounted by 81.8%, and shared for an average of $458
  • You shared into 9,806 wellness visits in 2023
  • Wellness visits were charged for $429 on average, were discounted by 65.8%, and were shared for an average of $146
  • 671 Members received care from mental health professionals for a total of 4,218 visits
  • You and your providers submitted 9,973 Pre-notifications for medical expenses

Growing Families

2023 year in review
  • You welcomed 299 new babies into the Solidarity community in 2023!
  • We revamped our Maternity Care Coordination process to streamline the maternity billing process for expecting mothers
  • Since the revamp, our Maternity Coordinators had 429 calls with pregnant Members to help them navigate billing since the process was revamped

Healthcare Going Digital

2023 year in review
  • You completed a total of 1,267 telehealth consults with DialCare
  • In total, this avoided $362,672 of charges that would have otherwise been submitted to the community for sharing!

Caring for Our Community

  • Our Member Care team took 43,770 of your calls in 2023, helping you navigate through a complicated healthcare system
  • You messaged us 5,166 times on the CareStream in your Member Care Portal
  • You shared 335 prayer requests with the other Members in your Member Care Portal 
  • We offered 18 masses at the chapel in our office for our Members and their intentions in 2023

Advocating for Fair Pricing

2023 year in review
  • Our Reference Based Pricing method resulted in less than 0.6% of the bills that we received getting pushback from providers on pricing
  • Of the balance bills that we did receive, our Balance Bill Advocacy program resulted in a savings of 84.4% off of the overbilled charges
  • 52,687 bills were received and repriced by our team in 2023

Finding Care

  • 745 Members used our Care Navigation service a total of 943 times
  • We were able to find friendly providers for our Members 610 times, schedule services directly 49 times, and work with providers to get single case agreements 144 times
  • Our directly scheduled services charged just 150% of the Medicare allowable amount on average, resulting in huge savings for Sharing Members!

Saving on Medications

2023 year in review
  • You had 12,979 prescriptions filled through Drexi
  • The average fill cost was $43
  • You were able to achieve savings of 79.8% on average by using Drexi!

Growing Your Options

  • Our Provider Relations team established agreements with providers leading to 816 new Preferred Provider locations in the United States!
  • This growth will allow Members to have a much smoother billing experience with those providers. Check out Care Navigation to find some in your area!
  • Roughly 10.2% of our Sharing went to Preferred Providers in 2023

Not Just Sickcare, but Healthcare

  • You completed 3,325 Solidarity Well coaching calls in 2023
  • 127 Members graduated from the Solidarity Well program with their medical condition well managed
  • Solidarity Well helped 38 Members get affordable diabetic supplies, and 28 Members get affordable breast pumps

Spread the Word About Our Year in Review

Thank you for your support and dedication to our mission of expanding life affirming healthcare in America! Your contributions have made and will continue to make a real difference in the lives of tens of thousands of other people of faith just like you. We appreciate all the Members of Solidarity HealthShare more than you can know, and we look forward to serving you better than ever in the new year.

You can let a friend know about Solidarity with our Refer a Friend program. If they become a Member, we will send you a $100 gift card to thank you for spreading the word! Growing our community will only help to accelerate the change in healthcare affordability and accessibility we are working to bring about.

Join the Movement

Like what you saw in our year in review? If you are not yet a Member, there has never been a better time to join! For more information, or to become a Solidarity Member, click the banner below, and be sure to check out our FAQ page to learn more about how your family can access high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost!