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Why was Solidarity Well created?

Based upon our shared belief that we are all creatures of God and have a moral and spiritual obligation to care for our bodies, Solidarity Well was created so that Solidarity HealthShare could enroll those who have chronic conditions that are particularly responsive to lifestyle changes. Those conditions are identified in the application process. These members are able to participate in our medical cost sharing ministry while improving conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and addiction to cigarettes. Solidarity Well assists members in making lifestyle changes that foster better health and reduce the prospect of progressive disease.

Solidarity Well participants are assigned a health coach. The coach assists them in developing personal goals, tracking progress, and reaching their health-related goals. Solidarity Well participation is required for sharing members who have been identified as having conditions at the time of enrollment that can be improved through lifestyle changes. A participant fee of $80 per month is assessed in addition to the Monthly Contribution Amount while the member demonstrates progress and until their personal goals are met.