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Overpriced Medical Care: New Report Shows Some Healthcare Costs are Marked Up by 500% on Average

Overpriced Medical Care

Overpriced Medical Care is Often Marked Up by 500% on Average

Overpriced medical care is here, and it won’t be easy to turn it around. Any person who has recently visited their physician’s office can attest to the exorbitant cost of healthcare. A new report from The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) shows that on average, hospitals are now charging patients 500% of what they pay for medicines, with a range of more than 200% all the way to more than 700% (!) in some cases.

Commercial payers reimbursed hospitals almost 200% what the hospital paid to acquire the medicine. This drives up costs for these medicines, as this is typically what the patient costs is based upon. These rate hikes often inflict debilitating financial strain on patients, and contribute to the vicious cycle of ever-rising prices.

Fortunately, patients can look to other options: a Membership with Solidarity HealthShare offers a comprehensive and ethical alternative to the traditional healthcare model. Our sharing community is focused on controlling costs for Members and providing access to affordable medical care; Solidarity members Members save an average of over 60% on medical needs.

Controlling Costs is an Ethical Issue

At Solidarity, we consider combatting overpricing in the medical industry to be an ethical issue. We believe that patients should have the right to direct their own care, and pay fair prices for their care. That is why we use a process called Reference Based Pricing. This process allows us to advocate for our Members, and as previously indicated save an average of over 60% on medical needs.

This process works by basing our pricing structure on a universal reference point, rather than basing it on the billed amount from the provider. This allows us to make sure that we are paying fair prices to providers across the board, rather than egregiously overpaying some bills, while underpaying others. Read more about how Reference Based Pricing works and how it saves Members money by clicking here

Other Cost Containment Strategies

Besides repricing medical expenses, we have many other ways to make sure that your medical costs stay reasonable. Solidarity has no co-pays for doctor visits, outpatient care, mental health, telehealth and emergency room care. This is one of the ways our healthshare stands out from traditional insurance that comes with high deductibles and fees.

Solidarity Members receive access to wholesale prescription prices that are fully eligible for sharing. Our partnership with Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions allows Members to use Shared dollars on part of the cost of their generic prescription drugs, reducing their total by more than 50 percent (some wholesale prescription medications may require approval by Solidarity HealthShare in order to be eligible for Sharing, to determine eligibility, Members can simply send a prescription request to Solidarity before purchasing the drug).

In keeping with Solidarity’s ethical guidelines, discounts are not available on some ethically compromising medications, including contraceptives and abortifacients. To learn more about our Prescription Sharing, click here.

Join the Movement against Overpriced Medical Care

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