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Post-Roe America: What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement?

Next Steps for the Pro-Life Movement

Now that the Dobbs Decision has overturned Roe, it prompts the question, ”What’s next for the Pro-Life Movement”? For 50 years we have been fighting to repeal the decision to protect a supposed federal right to abortion. And we were finally successful! But now that we’ve accomplished that momentous goal, where do we go from here? 

Even in a post-Roe America, we are seeing the culture of death permeate all levels of our society. We have seen many states enact laws that guarantee access to abortion at all gestational stages. We’ve seen corporations offering to pay for their employees to travel out of state to get an abortion. People have even been advocating for Roe to be enshrined into law. These developments clearly illustrate that there is still much work to be done.

What We’re Facing

While many different areas of our society are glorifying this so-called ‘reproductive right’, healthcare has become the frontlines in the fight against abortion. There is a strong trend of healthcare providers denying the biological reality that life begins at the moment of conception. Some even acknowledge this truth but still push for the ability to intentionally end that baby’s life. But it is not limited to just the medical front. There are also many legal protections to obtaining and funding abortions – most notably through federal health insurance mandates. 

Government dictates control all of the available insurance options in the U.S. Even worse, they take a universalized approach to healthcare that has been steeped in the “morality” of the day. The consequence is a broken system that costs more than normal people can afford and while simultaneously failing to meet our needs and values. Each health insurance provider is legally required to cover abortions, abortifacients, contraception, sterilizations, and much more.

How We Can Fix It

This is why we are so focused on changing a broken system. At Solidarity, we celebrate the end of Roe v. Wade, but our commitment to life-affirming healthcare has never been more important. “As we seek to rebuild a more ethical approach to healthcare in America, a hostile administration is actively working to drive people of faith who are committed to protecting life out of the healthcare system altogether”, says Solidarity President, Chris Faddis. Our community is leading the industry by example by providing access to authentically life-affirming care that does not sacrifice quality, but in fact, ensures it. Services such as, Natural Family Planning (NFP) education, life-affirming fertility care, comprehensive well-woman visits automatically shared each Membership year, Naturopathic and alternative treatments, and more all contribute to care that is both more ethical and more effective.

The affordable, comprehensive, and high-quality care included in a Solidarity Membership is exactly what we need to support women and families. Let’s make abortion not only an outdated excuse for women’s healthcare, but also unreasonable and unimaginable once again. 

What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement?

As Jeanne Mancini, the President of the Match for Life organization, says:

The goal to overturn Roe – that’s always been a hope. But a much deeper and harder and loftier goal has been to make abortion unthinkable. To change hearts and minds so that women don’t want the so-called right of abortion”

This can feel like too big of an issue to tackle, too ingrained in the health system to address and to slowly unweave. But this is our task. Our movement has set out to defend the defenseless, speak for those who cannot yet speak for themselves, and uphold the dignity of human life at all stages. This is what’s next for the Pro-Life Movement, and at Solidarity, we are leading the fight. Will you join our movement?