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Press Release: Last Week of Open Enrollment Perfect Opportunity for Americans to Choose More Affordable, Ethical Option

Consumers in ACA Market Have Until Saturday, December 15th to Choose a Pro-Life Health Plan that Saves Money

TEMPE, Ariz., Dec. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Solidarity HealthShare is reminding health insurance consumers they have a more affordable option when choosing health insurance, an alternative that doesn’t pay for abortion. The final week of ACA open enrollment for 2019 offers consumers a chance to opt out of traditional insurance, and choose a healthcare sharing plan like Solidarity HealthShare.

“Our healthcare system is broken, and healthcare sharing is the solution,” said Solidarity HealthShare COO, Chris Faddis. “Solidarity HealthShare is not insurance, but a community that shares one another’s healthcare costs, offering a better choice to those who can’t afford skyrocketing costs and want a less expensive, community-based option.”

At Solidarity HealthShare, a family of three or more pays a monthly sharing amount of $449 with an annual unshared payment of $1,500. eHealth found that since 2013 (the year before major Obamacare provisions took effect), average family premiums have dramatically increased from $426 monthly to $1,168—an increase of 175%. During the same period, average family plan deductibles rose from $3,319 to $8,803—an increase of 165%.

“Rising premiums and deductibles over the last five years are not affordable for most Americans,” said Brad Hahn, Solidarity HealthShare CEO.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reported a drop in Americans choosing Obamacare-compliant plans.

“Catholics and most Americans care about the ethics of their healthcare choices, and 23% more Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans will cover abortion in 2019,” said Hahn. “Polls show Americans of all faiths increasingly oppose abortion, especially in the late term.”

The lack of transparency and accountability has led to rising costs and worse outcomes for patients. At Solidarity HealthShare, our members care and are accountable to one another.

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Solidarity HealthShare is a healthcare sharing ministry offering members an affordable, ethical way to pay for healthcare. Based on social and moral doctrine of the Catholic Church, we protect members’ consciences by sharing the costs of life-affirming healthcare, refusing to participate in unethical medical practices. Our mission is to restore and rebuild an authentic Catholic healthcare system that promotes the sanctity of all human life, while facilitating the sharing of our members’ medical expenses.

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