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SHS President Chris Faddis Asks U.S. Bishops to Stop Trans Surgeries in Catholic Hospitals

6/15/23 Story Update: Article from the Daily Signal – EXCLUSIVE: US Bishops Urged to Stop Trans Surgeries at Catholic Hospitals

Statement from Solidarity HealthShare President Chris Faddis: 

Solidarity HealthShare is very concerned about an alarming and dangerous development within the Catholic healthcare sector, and we sincerely hope the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops can address this highly controversial issue as soon as possible.    

A recent published report revealed that several hospitals within America’s largest Catholic nonprofit healthcare system are performing sex change operations, providing hormone suppression and puberty blocking drugs to young patients, and have medical staff participating in “pronoun training” under guidelines set by the far-left, Human Rights Campaign Foundation.    

These developments reveal how effective the present administration has been in forcing dangerous, secular mandates on healthcare providers – including the faith-based healthcare sector.    

Solidarity HealthShare is respectfully asking the Bishops to vote to revise their Religious and Ethical Directives for Catholic Health Care to be line with their doctrinal statement released earlier this year, in which they opposed all medical attempts to modify peoples’ sexual characteristics. It is our hope that the Bishops will immediately call upon all Catholic healthcare providers to stop providing such life-altering medical procedures and drugs that run directly counter Catholic Church teachings.    

We believe it is time for the Catholic healthcare sector to courageously oppose the far-left agenda being pushed by this administration and immediately stop offering these procedures and drugs.    

People of faith should not be forced to support procedures that contradict their deeply held religious values and convictions. Solidarity HealthShare remains committed to protecting our Members’ consciences by sharing only in ethical and life-affirming health care that prioritizes their unique healthcare needs while upholding their worth and dignity.”    

Chris Faddis is asking bishops to stop trans surgeries in Catholic hospitals

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