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Solidarity HealthShare Alert – Catholic Hospitals Performing Sex Change Surgeries

Catholic Hospitals Performing Sex Change Operations

Solidarity HealthShare is alerting concerned Catholics and all people of faith to an alarming and dangerous development within the Catholic healthcare sector. According to an exclusive story reported by the Daily Wire, several hospitals within America’s largest Catholic nonprofit health system are performing sex change operations. They are providing hormone suppression and puberty blocking drugs to patients. They even have medical staff participating in “pronoun training” under guidelines set by The Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Details are included in this 64-page report which was conducted in May of this year.

Quote from the report: “The largest Catholic health system in the United States, CommonSpirit Health, is acting directly against Catholic moral teaching in direct defiance of its Catholic identity. This report will provide indisputable proof of gross defiance of Catholic moral teaching on the part of CommonSpirit Health.”

The report reveals how effective the Biden administration has been in forcing its dangerous agenda on healthcare providers. Even the faith-based healthcare sector.

Call To Action

Solidarity HealthShare is calling on these Catholic healthcare providers to courageously stand up to the far-left agenda being pushed by this administration and stop offering these procedures and life altering drugs immediately.

These medical procedures and drugs are not supported by Catholic Church teachings. This activity clearly demonstrates the need for faith-based alternatives in the healthcare industry. Those options allow Catholics and people of faith to receive health care that is ethical and life affirming from providers who also believe in the dignity and worth of every individual.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is opposed to medical attempts to modify peoples’ sex. In a statement released earlier this year, the Bishops stated, “Catholic health care services must not perform interventions, whether surgical or chemical, that aim to transform the sexual characteristics of a human body into those of the opposite sex or take part in the development of such procedures.”

Read More About It Here

You can read the full Daily Wire story about Catholic hospitals performing sex change operations here:

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