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Solidarity on the Hill: Leading the Healthcare Industry Towards an Ethical Future

A Future of Ethical Healthcare

What does it look like to live in a society that values quality, ethical healthcare at an affordable rate? That upholds the dignity of the human person? That is straight forward enough that people are able to responsibly direct their own healthcare to meet their needs? At Solidarity, we can not only envision it, but we are working to make it a reality. 

Our Members know that we offer comprehensive, affordable, and ethical healthcare to our community. But you may not know that our executive team regularly works with lawmakers to make healthcare more ethical nationwide. From helping to pass laws that protect price transparency for medical care nationwide, to supporting and advising different states in their legislative efforts around healthcare, Solidarity is actively collaborating with others in the health industry to make our mission a reality. 

Industry Standard

Solidarity is one of the few healthcare sharing organizations that has formal approval from the Center of Medicare Services. We are also forging a path towards a formal accreditation process for healthcare sharing ministries specifically. This will bring greater transparency and accountability to all healthcare sharing organizations nationwide.

National Impact

This accreditation standard for healthcare sharing will bring a national impact to make healthcare sharing more reliable and uniform. Specifically in the crucial aspects of how Direct Member-to-Member Sharing is facilitated by all healthcare sharing organizations. This improvement will bring more trust and accountability to a relatively young industry that is disrupting the status quo in American healthcare. In addition to this accreditation, Solidarity is actively working with lawmakers to pass price transparency laws. This will help protect Americans from surprise billing and excessive medical charges.

Ethical, Life-Affirming Healthcare

Finally, in addition to extending eligibility to life-affirming medical care for our Members, Solidarity is at the frontlines of the fight against abortion and the prevailing culture of death in the medical industry. We are setting a consistent example for the medical industry of what high quality, ethical medical care looks like. This effort will set the stage for an inevitable rebuilding of the health industry into one that truly values the dignity of each person. 

The current administration’s healthcare system is not one that values the dignity of the people it has set out to serve, and so it will not withstand the test of time. Solidarity has already begun rebuilding the industry to be founded on real values that serve real people. Check out our FAQ’s or reach out to our team for more information about how we operate and how to get involved. We look forward to walking with you.