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Research-Based Orthopedic Surgery Alternative Available to Members from Regenexx

Orthopedic Surgery Alternative Using Regenerative Medicine

We value your Membership with Solidarity and want to provide you with some exciting updates about one of our Preferred Providers. Regenexx’s services provide our Members with a research-based choice for many common orthopedic surgeries. Regenexx offers patients an orthopedic surgery alternative by harnessing their body’s own healing processes to treat orthopedic injuries. Regenerative medicine provides many advantages over traditional surgeries—including faster recovery time, reduced risk, and lower cost. And Regenexx procedures are 100% shareable with your Solidarity Membership as well!

Your Regenexx Eligibility

Regenexx services is a Shareable Healthcare Service through an agreement on behalf of the Members of Solidarity HealthShare. Regenexx will directly bill all Eligible Medical Expenses to Solidarity HealthShare. All normal limitations apply, such as the Annual Unshared Amount, 60-day waiting period, and normal sharing limit. Non-Regenexx services may have different sharing limitations and may or may not be treated as a Shareable Healthcare Service.

How It Works

Regenexx uses your own body’s healing capabilities to treat orthopedic injuries non-surgically using concentrated blood and bone marrow. This procedure has decades of success behind its name and has helped over 70% of patients avoid elective surgeries. Their needle-based, outpatient procedures ensure faster recovery with lower risks.

What Conditions Does Regenexx Treat?

If you have pain, Regenexx is here to help. Regenexx procedures treat a wide range of common joint injuries and degenerative joint conditions such as:

conditions that Regenexx has a surgery alternative for

How Can I Learn More About Orthopedic Surgery Alternative with Regenexx?

We encourage you to call Regenexx’s dedicated line for Solidarity Members at 866-417-1092 or go to to become familiar with the Regenexx procedures. In the event of an orthopedic injury or chronic musculoskeletal pain, a Regenexx physician is your resource for a complete evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

You can also sign up for one of the weekly webinars that Regenexx hosts to discuss their treatments and the science behind them. At these webinars, you will be given an opportunity to make comments and ask questions. Check their website for regularly updated dates and times.