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How does Solidarity handle billing disputes between a member and the doctor or hospital?

Solidarity HealthShare utilizes the services of Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (“AMPS”) to review and evaluate medical bills to help ensure that you are not charged beyond what is fair and just. Certain charges included in your medical bill may have been determined to be ineligible or excessive. If so, the amount shared to your healthcare provider was less than their original billed charges. This is not uncommon as many bills contain errors and improper or excessive charges, but it is possible that the provider may send you a bill for the balance of unreasonable charges, or a “Balance Bill.”

If you receive a Balance Bill, please call AMPS at 855-202-6484 immediately, and a Patient Advocate will inform you of the next steps to work through the process. In most cases, the healthcare provider ends up agreeing with AMPS’ logic and payment calculation.

It is also important to know your rights as a healthcare sharing member. When it comes to disputed healthcare bills, providers cannot report disputed and delinquent bills to credit reporting agencies. If a provider does report your overdue bill to the credit reporting agencies, Solidarity, through AMPS, will work with you to repair your credit and hold the provider accountable.

We know that healthcare can be confusing, which is why we advocate on our members’ behalf to ensure that providers are charging them fair and just prices.